Our purpose, vision and mission

Our purpose

Our purpose is to champion better work and working lives by improving practices in people and organisation development for the benefit of individuals, businesses, economies and society.

In other words, we’re committed to finding the sweet spot between the construct of work itself and people’s experience at work (their working lives), to create a win-win situation for everyone. We believe that good people management and development is not only good for individuals, but it's also crucial to the success of businesses and economies, which in turn can benefit people and society. Looking after the interests and wellbeing of employees is a good place to start. But to create maximum value for everyone concerned, we must also ensure that work itself is well defined and managed (in terms of what work is, where it’s done, how it’s done and who does it).

Learn about Profession for the Future, our strategy to ensure we continue to fulfil our purpose as the world of work evolves.

Our vision

Our vision is to define and represent the international benchmark for excellence in people and organisation management and development.

Our mission

We’ll achieve our vision through our mission to advance knowledge and understanding of the world of work, workforce and workplace in order to encourage and support people and organisations to be the best they can be.

As a trusted and respected partner with a clear voice, at the heart of a growing and vibrant community, we will set the standard for professionalism by:

  • leading the debate on issues of ethics, principles, values and behaviours
  • promoting and developing the professions of HR and people development
  • inspiring member engagement
  • advising policy-makers and regulators.

Our values

Everything we do at the CIPD is driven by four core values:

  • Purposeful - we have clear goals and finish what we start
  • Agile - we are responsive and think on our feet
  • Collaborative - we work together and with others to achieved shared goals 
  • Expert - we know our stuff and have a clear point of view.

Our long term strategic priorities 

  • Extending our impact and voice by raising awareness of the key issues surrounding the world of work.
  • Broadening our reach, relevance and value to ensure that we remain a credible partner for all our stakeholders.
  • Developing clearer progression paths, career development and recognition within the HR and L&D professions.
  • Building relationships with HR leaders around the world and increasing the support we offer to organisations seeking to professionalise their HR functions.
  • Strengthening the sense of community and connection amongst our members and stakeholders.
  • Growing our international presence.