Charter and Bye-laws, Regulations and Code of Conduct

Our Charter and Byelaws

The CIPD was granted Royal Charter on 1 July 2000. The Charter is the governing document of the CIPD and, together with the Bye-laws, sets out the powers of the Institute. The Charter and Bye-laws also provide for the constitution of the Council, the CIPD's advisory body, and the Board which is constituted for the purpose of the management and administration of the property of the CIPD and the conduct of its business.

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Our Regulations

The CIPD’s Regulations set out how the powers of the Institute are put into practice through various terms of reference and governance procedures in support of our Charter.

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Code of Professional Conduct

Every CIPD member no matter which level of membership they hold must commit themselves to adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct and standards of professional behaviour.

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