What we do

The CIPD is the professional body for HR and people development. We are a membership body and a registered charity with a broader purpose of championing better work and working lives.  We fulfil our purpose by helping to improve practices in people and organisational development for the benefit of individuals, businesses, economies and society. Our annual review provides an excellent overview of the various ways in which we do this, or you can click on the links below to learn more about our day to day work.

CIPD Membership, Qualifications and Professional Standards

At the CIPD we set and maintain the professional standards for the HR and L&D professions. We are the only professional body in the world that awards Chartered Status to HR and L&D professionals.

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Explore the CIPD Profession Map, which captures the behaviours and professional standards demonstrated by successful and effective HR and L&D practitioners

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

We provide a whole range of opportunities to help HR and L&D practitioners (both members and non-members) develop in their careers and keep up to date with the latest developments in the world of work.

Setting the agenda

We collaborate with a wide range of organisations to produce thought-provoking research about the world of work that challenges the status quo, inspires action and influences change. Our research and policy agenda is closely aligned with our model for the future of HR, which distils the role of HR and L&D in championing better work and working lives into four distinct but complimentary areas:


  • helping the business understand the changing real world context in which we operate
  • challenging the theory that underpins HR practice by developing a deeper understanding of the science of human and organisation behaviour
  • working closely with other business disciplines to provide better measurement and insight into what drives value, performance and outcomes
  • and using those three things to develop practices, processes and polices that best support staff, managers and business leaders to drive value in their organisations.

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In-house training and consultancy

We work with employers large and small around the world to help them improve their organisation’s performance by building capability in HR and L&D. We provided consultancy and in-house training tailored to meet each employer’s needs and business objectives.

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