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John McGurk, Head of Scotland, CIPD, provides the Scottish and Northern Irish perspectives on Brexit.

Mary Connaughton, Director, CIPD Ireland, provides the Irish perspective on Brexit.

Matthew Mee, Managing Director - Middle East, CIPD, provides the Middle East perspective on Brexit.


Brexit: Team Morale, Performance and Resilience

Date: 26/07/16 Duration: 00:15:15

As businesses adjust to the prospect of the UK leaving the European Union, organisations are facing a continuing period of uncertainty and change. As the dust settles on the referendum result, how should HR and L&D professionals support their employees in the medium-term?

In this episode we talk to Jan Hills, Partner at Head, Heart + Brain, about the how behavioural science can help us understand our responses to uncertainty and how HR can help to mitigate its negative effects. We also chat to Stuart Haden, Learning Programmes Developer at CIPD about building individual and organisational resilience in periods of change.

Download Developing Resilience in Times of Change – a daily energy mapping practice by Stuart Haden

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Brexit: Managing Communications

Date: 28/06/16 Duration: 00:15:40

The result of the EU Referendum on 23 June has already had an enormous effect on the global economy. Markets are fluctuating and the full legal, political and economic implications of the result are as yet unknown. It is clear that businesses are facing a period of uncertainty and change. But what about the workforce?

In this podcast we talk to Brad Taylor, Head of People at CIPD, about the implications of the referendum result on the workforce and how, with effective communication, HR can best support their leaders and their employees. We also chat to Debra Corey, Group Reward Director at Reward Gateway about how to create a coherent communications plan in times of uncertainty.

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Since the result of the EU referendum on 23 June, organisations have been buffeted by market forces and other factors beyond their control. With some commentators predicting a continuing “decade of uncertainty” what do organisational and people leaders see as the key areas of priority? How can they remain resilient and prepare for immediate and longer term change?

CIPD hosted a webinar, Perspectives on Brexit, Strategic Considerations and Planning, which brought together a panel of industry experts to discuss medium-term strategic and planning considerations following the EU referendum. Our panel shared their experience and insight on:

  • the issues and challenges that businesses and organisations are expected to face following the referendum result
  • strategies for responding to immediate and medium-term uncertainty
  • leading an organisation through a period of fluctuating demand and unpredictable economic and trading circumstances

Our guest speakers included:

Danny Mortimer – Chief Executive, NHS Employers
Alan Price – Chief Executive Officer, Croner Group Ltd
Steven Toft – Director, Crucible
Ian Brinkley – Labour Market Economist
Ben Willmott – Head of Policy and Public Affairs, CIPD

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Webinar - 14 July 2016 - 'Perspectives on Brexit, strategic considerations and planning'

View the recording of the webinar