Using the CIPD wireless network - a guide for visitors

Visitors to our head office building in Wimbledon can use our wireless network (WiFi) to connect to the Internet.

What equipment do I need?

To use our WiFi, you'll need your own:

  • laptop or PDA with WiFi capability

  • laptop/tablet or PDA browser. 

How do I get online?

  • View the available wireless networks on your device.
  • Select the ‘CIPD’ network.
  • Launch your web browser - you will be presented with the CIPD visitors’ network landing page.
  • Enter the current PASSWORD. 
  • Select 'connect' which will launch another browser.

Is WiFi secure?

Our WiFi service provides Internet access similar in concept to the thousands of other service providers world-wide and users will be exposed to no more risk than using other standard Internet access services. As when using any Internet service, personal firewall software or features should be enabled your equipment. Windows XP and MAC OS have these options within the operating system but personal firewall software is also available separately for these and other operating systems.

Are there any health risks associated with the use of WiFi?

There is no evidence to show that WiFi poses a health risk. WiFi works at much lower power levels and over shorter ranges than mobile networks.

What should I do if my equipment can’t 'see' the CIPD WiFi?

If you can’t see our service on your list of available networks, you may have a problem with your wireless network adaptor. You can try the following steps to remedy this:

  • Ensure that your wireless card is turned on – some laptops have a switch to operate this.

  • Move your laptop – although the network should operate throughout the CIPD building, you may be sitting in an area with poor WiFi reception.

  • Try again – some wireless adaptors can take a minute or two to detect all available wireless networks.

Accessing WiFi is usually trouble-free and the CIPD's IT department will support our WiFi network if it goes down. However, due to the variety of computers, devices and setups in visitors' equipment, we regret that CIPD staff cannot offer visitors assistance in configuring their own equipment if problems occur.