The CIPD Profession Map has been designed to be flexible, so you can focus on the areas most relevant to your role, your next career steps, your organisation’s needs or just curiosity!  We recommend that initially you choose one or two Professional Areas -  include the Core of the Map! (Insights, Strategy and Solutions and Leading HR) and a couple of Behaviours.  Each area is set out in four bands of ‘competence’ so this can help focus your development planning even further once you have chosen your areas of focus.

The behaviours describe in detail how a HR professional needs to carry out their activities. Each behaviour is described at four bands of professional competence. Contra-indicators illustrate the negative manifestations of each behaviour. There are eight behaviours which have been shown in the diagram below. Click on the links to the right to find out more about each behaviour.

Profession Map - Behaviours

For detail on the Behaviours download the CIPD Profession Map

my CPD Map - online professional self-assessment tool for CIPD members

Profession Map overview

Decisive thinker Skilled influencer Personally credible Collaborative Driven to deliver Courage to challenge Role model Curious