How CIPD's Profession Map is used...for Learning and development professionals

Learning and development professionals and the CIPD Profession Map

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The CIPD Profession Map has been designed to be flexible, so you can focus on the areas most relevant to your role, your next career steps, your organisation’s needs or just curiosity! We recommend that initially you choose one or two Professional Areas and a couple of Behaviours. Each area is set out in four bands of ‘competence’ so this can help focus your development planning even further once you have chosen your areas of focus.

The areas for L&D professionals to focus on are the core of the Map (Insights, Strategy and Solutions and Leading HR) Learning & development, Organisation development and the Behaviours.

The Core professional areas set out the capabilities needed to focus your L&D activities on the right things at the right time: basing your plans and learning solutions on the insights you develop about the business or organisation you work for or with (products, services, culture, governance, success drivers and measures, values and vision, etc.) and the external world or context (economy, politics, social issues, legislation, competitors, etc.). It helps you to focus your energy and plans in the right place.

This download has further information on how to use the Map as a Learning and development professional.

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