Terms and Conditions for using the Profession Map

The map is there for you to use and has many different ways that you can use it!

You can read and reproduce single copies of the Map for the purpose of personal, educational and/or business use on condition that:*

  • you include in any and all reproductions of the Map (in any form and format whatsoever) a statement indicating that all rights in the Map are owned by us, regardless of the existence of any permitted amendments and/or alterations, and you use the copyright symbol when using any Map images.*

  • you include, when reproducing the Map in online electronic format, a hyperlink to the website address www.cipd.co.uk in close proximity and equivalent prominence to the reproduction of the Map.*

Are you using the Map? If so we would love to hear from you HRPMFeedback@cipd.co.uk

*Please see full terms and conditions