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Hello everyone Could we share what our organisations consider a proportionate response to terrorist...

Globally mobile workforce

Hello, Wondering if anyone can help. I'm working for a large organisation who employ and train...
Lauren Young

9 Aug, 2017 10:47

How can my department best deal with the high volume of queries we receive?

Hi all I am an HR manager in a large retail unit with over 500 employees. I have a relevitvely small...

Advice on what to do next?

Hi all, I'm looking for some career advice. I currently work as a part time HR assistant. I passed...
Becci Lloyd

3 Aug, 2017 12:25

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Research - Where’s mum (you lazy…)?


By Jonny Gifford, Organisational Behaviour Adviser Couples have had the right to shared parental leave for two years now. We can start to see some impact, with a decline in traditional patterns of employment and parenting, more fathers working less...

Reward Blog - Who is keeping an eye on gender pay gap reporting?


By Sheila Wild, founder of www.equalpayportal.co.uk and author of the CIPD guide to Gender Pay Gap Reporting With only a handful of employers having yet published their gender pay gap figures, is it possible to draw any conclusions about how gender pa...