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Identity theft?

Hi there Wonder if anyone can offer some advice - we have started an employee photo wall is n our offices...

Should you tell your employer that you're looking for a new job?

Working in HR for many years has left me with a conviction that I can only help a person if I know what...

16 May, 2017 13:42

Bundling disciplinaries together

Hi all Can someone shed some light on not bundling disciplinary? I have an employee on a final written...

Dress advice for interviews

My daughter is about to graduate from university and is starting to attend interviews. As her dad, in...
Paul Andrew Cunningham

20 Apr, 2017 15:51

from the blogs

Jill Miller - Levelling the playing field requires bold action


Taking bold action to speed up gender equality is the theme for International Women’s Day 2017. This is yet another wake-up call to employers about the lack of gender balance that still exists in UK workplaces. We all know it’s a problem,...

Reward Blog - Pension re-enrolment – knowing the facts


Angela Bell, The Pensions Regulator Every three years certain members of staff must be put back into an automatic enrolment pension scheme. This is called ‘re-enrolment’ An employer’s duties will vary depending on whether they have....