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Can you work out salaries without a grading structure?

Hi All We are looking at reviewing how we work out salaries. At the moment we have a graded structure...

10 Jan, 2018 10:55

Skills shortages in HR department

Hi all: I'm really curious as in what are the trends of skills shortages in the HR markets within...

One day ago

Email Monitoring

Hi, Our current policy states that 'management and other authorised users have the right to access...

Does professional citizenship resonate with you?

So, you think you’re a professional? And most of us do. Think we’re professionals. We get...
Lizzie O'Brien

5 Dec, 2017 15:47

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Research - Where’s mum (you lazy…)?


By Jonny Gifford, Organisational Behaviour Adviser Couples have had the right to shared parental leave for two years now. We can start to see some impact, with a decline in traditional patterns of employment and parenting, more fathers working less...

Reward Blog - Who is keeping an eye on gender pay gap reporting?


By Sheila Wild, founder of www.equalpayportal.co.uk and author of the CIPD guide to Gender Pay Gap Reporting With only a handful of employers having yet published their gender pay gap figures, is it possible to draw any conclusions about how gender pa...