** Caption competition 2013 - #1 **

Steve Bridger

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29 Nov, 2013 15:29

As legendary and reassuring as auntie’s knitted Christmas jumpers, the CIPD Christmas Caption Competition is back for an eighth straight year.

We’ve really outdone ourselves this year and only gone and commissioned three cartoons. Oh yes we have.

The usual set of cracking prizes - starting with a new Kindle Fire HD for this first caption.

Many of you will know this by now: you are invited to post your witty caption suggestions below (and on Facebook, incidentally). Extra points if you can somehow wangle in an “HR” slant to your caption! Funny is good, too - although be warned, the judges are tough nuts to crack (or just nuts). The usual guidelines on rude words and gratuitous product placement apply. Thank you.

Please note that these festive threads are open to everyone (although the other forums remain member-only), so do feel free to share the link!!

The thread will remain open to entries until midnight on 31st December - and the winners (one per cartoon) will be announced when we all return from the New Year break.

OK, time to switch on the (cheap) Christmas lights and to declare the festive caption competition open for another year.

Here we go with the first cartoon for you to caption*

* Tip: we’re looking for *captions* - which tend to be better when short-ish in length.

The legal bit: Competition Terms & Conditions
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