Nil sick pay and salaried employees

Hi there,

I'm not a payroll person, so not really sure of the answer to this or what the normal practice would be.  Hopefully somebody out there will know what is standard practice in the following situation.

If in an organisation there is zero sick pay entitlement for the first 6 months and the employees are salaried (with normal occupational sick pay paid at a daily rate based on a 365 day year), what would be the normal practice for a nil sick pay deduction (I.e if sickness occured during the first 6 months)?  I imagine this is fairly straight forward when somebody who worked a normal Monday-Friday working week and was off a Wednesday (you would just deduct one calendar days pay) or if they were off Thursday, Friday and Monday you would deduct 5 calendar days pay.  But what happens though if the person is off Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - would you deduct 3 days pay, or 5 days pay (including Saturday and Sunday)?  I understand that SSP is not payable for the first three days, so just wondered if that would impact on the decision at all.

Would appreciate finding out what anybody with a payroll background is used to doing here.



  • Hi Scott, 

    if it were someone who worked Mon-Fri and they were absent Thurs Fri Mon there would only be a deduction of 3 days because the weekend days are non-working and not included. 

    As for your question about an employee being absent Wed Thurs Fri -  I would deduct 3 days. Only if the employee worked weekends, and there were absent for one or both, would they be deducted.

    SSP does get a bit complicated for employees who don't work regular days but there is a good guide here:  https://www.gov.uk/employers-sick-pay/overview 

    I'm sure you may get more coherent answers from others but that's my take on it from my experience at the HR end of payroll!!  

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