ACE 2012 - A Digital Preview

By Tom Paisley, Digital Communications - CIPD. 

It's that time of year again.

We fight every desire to wake up in the AM dimness and make the commute to work, the warm(ish) glow of daylight dwindles by the mid afternoon, and we go home in a cloud of darkness.

But what's that the sparkle in the distance HR folk? That glimmer of fascination and rumble of intrigue just up the road, around the corner and up the M1 to Manchester Central?

The CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE) is here again.

For all who don't know me, I'm Tom Paisley and work in the Digital Team for CIPD, looking after planning, strategy and implementing social media activity for our events and the like.

In anticipation of the ACE programme, I thought I'd give a preview of what can be expected from a digital perspective and what highlights I'm looking forward to at the 3 day HR-fest.

I'll be tweeting and mingling at the event so it would be nice to hear from you in the lead up and here what you're looking forward to.

Here goes...

First up the Conference programme! My 3 picks are:

1. Using Social Media to Enhance the Recruitment Process
Tuesday 15.10-16.00pm

Tuesday brings a great session and a topic on the lips of many. Anna Cook, Head of Recruitment for CERN highlights the use of social media to enhance the Recruitment Process. One of the key topics covered is insight into ROI benefits of recruiting through social Media. Not to be missed.

2. #CIPDYouthSpeak: what @OurYoungPeople are saying about the future - and why #HR needs to listen
Tuesday 15.10-16.00pm

If you don't fancy social media and recruitment then over at session C4, David Fairhurst - Senior Vice President for McDonald's is speaking about the youth unemployment and measurement of job engagement. There's quite a bit of activity planned in the lead up to this event so feel free to get involved in the session before hand on Twitter with #CIPDYouthSpeak and #CIPDL2W. Expect tweeted questions to be read out and answered via @OurYoungPeople!

3. Using Social Media to keep HR up to date: connecting, sharing and collaborating
Wednesday 15.30-16.15pm

Rounding off my highlights of the conference sessions, Wednesday brings Bill Parsons, Executive VP of Human resources for ARM holdings PLC is speaking on social media's use in HR and tips on keeping up to date with technology. I think it should be an insightful session.

Now to the sessions on the exhibition floor. We have the aptly named 
Social Media hub sponsored by Monster.

1. Using Social Media to Enhance your Recruiting Strategy and Develop Employer Brand
Tuesday 12.15pm, Wednesday at 4.15pm and Thursday at 12.15pm.

Kicking things off, sponsors Monster highlight enhancing your recruitment strategy using social media. Also covered is developing your employer brand and its importance. I agree and will be keenly listening!

2. Blogging - HR's Secret Weapon
Tuesday 13.15pm and Wednesday 15.15pm.

For all those looking to implement blogging or just wanting to find out the benefits of doing so, L&D blogger extraordinaire Sukhvinder (@SukhPabial) covers blogging and HR. He'll be looking the benefits and rewards HR blogs can bring you. Top stuff.

3. The Digital Backstage - Analytics behind the Social Media Showcase
Wednesday 10.15am and Thursday 13.15pm

Great little session this one. Ok granted also a shameless plug... Perry Timms of PTHR (@PTHR_Perry) and myself (@TomPaisley) will be looking closely at social media analysis. We'll be discussing how it can benefit HR but also how analytics can help organisations gain advantage over new and relevant HR issues. I'm also gonna throw in a view at what we do here at CIPD (hence the backstage element). Hope to see you there and look forward to your tweets in the build up!

4. Twitterversity 
Wednesday 13.15pm and Thursday 10.15

Last but by no means least in my mini round-up the Twitterversity! I was never any good at science at school, but the wonderful peeps from Chemistry group (@ChemistryGroup) are running an excellent session on the tweets, trends and Hashtags. Really informative for all who want to know more about how to use Twitter to build connections!

And that's your lot! This is my guide for the digital sessions to look out for at ACE this year. There are many other sessions that I haven't mentioned that are definitely worth checking out!

Please feel free to comment below, tweet me directly (@TomPaisley) or @CIPD_events if you're coming along to any of the above events.

Only a week and a bit to go now; look forward to seeing you there!

To find out more about the Annual Conference, visit our conference page.

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  • Cant wait to attend!!

  • Great summary Tom, so much going on this year at the event, we're going to be spoilt for choice over what to attend! Good luck with your session with Perry Timms 'The Digital Backstage - analytics behind the social media showcase'.