ACE 2012 - The Carnival of HR blogging rolls into town

The Carnival of HR has been a regular feature on the HR blogger circuit for over two years now. Bloggers offer to host the Carnival and it rolls into town every couple of weeks or so. Occasionally the Carnival comes to the UK, past hosts have included Neil Morrison, Mervyn Dinnen and Gareth Jones (with apologies to anyone I've missed off). Last year I asked to take a hosting slot and November 7th was allocated to me. I didn't spot the significance at the time but of course, this means the UK will be hosting the Carnival slap bang in the middle of ACE 2012. I'll be giving a talk on Building HR Social Leadership in the Social Media hub on Tuesday and Wednesday and blogging is something that I think fits well into the social leadership space. I'll talk about this a little more next week. If you would like to take part in the carnival - it's easy.

I've chosen three themes for the Carnival's visit. They are (drum roll please):

1 - Fireworks In HR

2 - Conference Tales

3 - Other Stuff You Can't Be Bothered To Categorise

Interpret these headings as you will and make sure you get your links to posts to me at by Monday 5th November at the latest please. My plan is to draft up the Carnival on the train to Manchester that evening and for sure I'd hate to miss you out.

So what are you waiting for? Hit me with your best shot - let's blow the lid off this thing!

Doug Shaw


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