ACE 2012 - Learning from Values-led Leaders

Simon Hayward, Cirrus.

We hear so many people today talking about placing values at the heart of leadership and decision-making. It’s very easy to talk about. After all, who doesn’t want to be more open, more honest, to have more integrity, to be more trustworthy? What is really interesting is to look at the organisations who really live their values, and to see the very real impact this can have – both inside the organisation and beyond it.

Two organisations who are really guided by their values are Pentland Brands and Monarch.  Pentland owns brands such as Speedo and Berghaus, and the Monarch Group includes Monarch Airlines and Cosmos Holidays. Andy Rubin, the CEO of Pentand Brands, and Iain Rawlinson, the Executive Chairman of the Monarch Group, are both strong role models for the values of their own businesses. The ‘Values-led Leadership: restoring trust and enhancing engagement’ masterclass at the CIPD Annual Conference is a great opportunity to hear directly from both how values influence the way their organisations operate. 

There are lots of challenges when it comes to doing more than simply talking about values. For example, how can organisations maintain values in a fast-moving, increasingly global marketplace? How can leaders satisfy demands to make work more meaningful while also making money? The masterclass will provide a few insights into some of these very real challenges – as well as providing a few learning nuggets.

Many organisations find there are common barriers that come between how they describe their values and how they actually live them: barriers such as lack of time, or the need to prioritise urgent tasks. There are also some solutions that can be shared. We hope that everyone who attends this masterclass will gain some real insight into values-based leadership and how you can create a culture of trust, as well as some ideas for delivering vision and strategy through role-modelling your organisation’s values. It’s a great opportunity to learn from two quite different but equally fascinating values-based leaders.

Simon Hayward is managing partner of leadership development specialist Cirrus and is chairing the ‘Values-led Leadership: restoring trust and enhancing engagement’ masterclass at the CIPD Annual Conference on Tuesday 6th November.

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