ACE 2013 - It was a social whirl! #CIPD13

By Johanna Ratcliffe (@ratcliffe_j), Digital Communications Manager, CIPD

So were you there? Did I meet you?! Did you make it to Manchester Central 6-7 Nov for the two days of full-on conference-ing and non-stop networking?

I hope many of you were able to come along, because it felt to me like one of the best ever events we've run - and I've been to loads of 'em, right back to the 'Harrogate era'.

>Sometimes you just have to ask for help...we had just the right group of creative and fun HR and L&D wordsmiths in mind

Each year, our fantastic colleagues in the conference and exhibition production team try to enhance, improve and produce a more meaningful, memorable event than ever before. This year, in the CIPD digital team, we also tried to do our bit by expanding the #blogsquad. Sometimes you just have to ask for help (or more resource ;)) and Natalia Thomson, Tom Paisley and myself had just the right group of creative and fun HR and L&D wordsmiths in mind! We really wanted to incorporate an external perspective in terms of live reactions and more thoughtful reflections from the event. We also aimed to extend the social reach and general buzz via the #cipd13 tag to be as inclusive as possible. In previous years, people have told us how much the twitter 'back channel' adds to their enjoyment of the event; we wanted to build on that feeling of joining in and excitement - even if people might not have been able to make it up to Manchester.

We hope you agree, alongside our colleagues at People Management (they of the totally inspired exhibition stand activity, where you were able to put your photo on the cover of a spoof PM magazine cover) we shared much more good content through our social channels this time - pictures, blog posts, video, insights from the speakers, reactions from the delegates and exhibitors - thanks to all of you who uploaded great stuff into the content stream!

The hashtag #cipd13 was on fire! Take a look at the report we've attached at the end of this post. We ended up taking 13 bloggers up to 'ACE' (as we call it) alongside a trusty band of journalists and press. We even handed over the reins of our CIPD tumblr account to a friend of ours (who we met via twitter naturally!) - Doug Shaw - Please do take a look at the great job he did curating content and practially all of the blogs over the conference period.

I sincerely hope I don't miss anyone out, but will start by aknowledging many of the bloggers and community who supported us this year: Big shouts must go out to... @floramarriott, @grahamsalisbury, @HR_Gem, @od_optimist @sukhpabial, @mervyndinnen, @damiana_hr @hrtinker, @perrytimms, @dougshaw1, @fuchsia_blue, @kingfishercoach, @dds180 @martincouzins @sterling_amanda @neilmorrison @robjonestring

In our merry band we also had Mike Morrison @rapidbi who manages our CIPD members' linkedIn group and blogs (and holds down a full time job) on the side! and Steve Bridger @stevebridger who manages the popular and long standing CIPD community forums for our members - some of our valued community contributors were able to come up too.

Anyway - that gives you a flavour - it was a very busy time. If anything, lessons learned for me would be to allow more time and resource for curating summaries post event as there's a huge appetite for photo galleries, video summaries, reference points of reports mentioned etc etc. I'd love to develop what we've been doing for our next big event.

Take a look at what's coming up on the CIPD conference programme:

If you have any ideas about how we can be Even. More. Social (can there ever be enough?!) do let us know!

Download the report (PDF 2.1MB)

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