What’s this all about then?

Welcome to this new blog. A confusing name no doubt, but this is a stab at explaining what I’m trying to achieve here. By way of a brief introduction I’m sure you’ve worked out my name’s Ken Cooke while my role here at the CIPD is Head of Digital. This is a relatively new role for the organisation and was created to give a direct responsibility to some poor soul (I didn’t duck fast enough) for grabbing the CIPD’s digital transformation by the horns. Fortunately I’m not alone in this responsibility and have a bunch of talented people working alongside me on this, some of whom you may see popping up to blog themselves!

The CIPD has gone through a lot of change over the last few years and we don’t see any sign of this slowing down, if anything it will accelerate as the world around us changes faster too and our ambitions as an organisation grow.

The intention for this blog is that I can start talking about the path we’re walking in the digital world to address these changes, opening up our thinking to allow our members and customers to get involved. It offers a place where I can get your feedback on the things we do, as well as a chance to suggest opportunities for the CIPD to improve.

Some elements of our plans are already visible through our website’s beta home page, the brand new Community and blogs that launched last November and, for those of you who take part in our research, a completely new survey platform that’s caught us up with the modern world. We’ve also been piloting tools to track CPD and creating new digital qualifications that meet the flexibility requirements learners’ demand these days. So a fairly significant amount of work done already, but this is just scratching the surface of our thinking on digital transformation for us as an organisation.

In the posts on this blog I’ll be talking through some of the thinking that sits behind what we’re doing. Hopefully you’ll be interested in that, even if only to be assured that there is indeed some thinking behind our plans! I’ll also be talking about some of the specific things/projects we’re doing. There’s a genuine wish on my part for this to be a transparent process, and I’ll really value any constructive feedback you can give.

Digital transformation, as with anything this complicated, won’t go as quickly as we’d all wish. Neither will we be able to ensure everyone’s 100% happy with the outcomes – it’s a challenge to balance competing needs with long-term plans while keeping within a sensible budget. I know that we’re coming at this with the best intentions, although I would say that wouldn’t I!

Anyway, that’s enough for the introduction. I’ll post again soon when I’ll talk a bit more about the challenges we face digitally and how we’re going to start addressing them.

Thank you for your comments. There may be a short delay in this going live on the blog page as we moderate the comments added to our blogs.

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