Can Top Talent Make the Weather?

When the premiership kicks off on Saturday we’ll be robbed of the presence of among others Kaka, who could have gone to Man City and Ronaldo who has flounced off to parade his haughty brilliance in Madrid. Ronaldo by all accounts was fed up with Manchester. Not as much as his Serbian colleague Vidic who complained that “In England they say that Manchester is the city of rain". "In future I would like to test myself in another top league. I'm thinking of Spain. At least there will be no reason to complain about the weather."

Vidic has had his wings clipped by injury yet the problem remains. The premiership can't buy global footballing "galacticos."  Its not just Manchester, top London clubs can't tempt the top players either. There lots of reasons  but it seems to me location is a big issue. London might be a global city Manchester a Northern Coolopolis, but to some top players they are wet crowded and boring. Business can have the same problems with location.

A former leadership specialist in Shell tells me, that it’s easier to get people to take a posting in Singapore and Barbados than in Kazakhstan or  Gabon! The company knows this and sells the challenge of working in a hot dusty country and  the experience that puts on the CV. Regular rotation of  postings promises a nice sandy warm country at some stage. Football clubs have a problem. They can sell the superior competition of the premiership the ability to play in front of the biggest crowds and earn boatloads of cash. But the top players are literally spoiled by choice, they live in a bubble it’s no surprise they want it to have a warmer climate and a culture they can relate to!

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