Happiness is Habit Forming; Part 4: SMART Goals.

Happiness is Habit Forming: 4: Set SMART Goals

Getting ready for ACE Manchester which isn’t a new private eye but our annual conference. We’ve moved from the beautiful quaint market town of Harrogate after almost 60 years. So it’s understandably difficult for CIPD staff to get out of the habit of referring to Harrogate the home of Betty’s team rooms when they think about our Annual Conference and Exhibition. Indeed our conference team are unofficially calling it Mangate!. I think this is a very clever way of "transitioning" us out of the "Harrogate habit" Anyway our conference it’s going to be in the bustling city of Manchester which is almost officially today part of the UAE as well!

Wednesday 18th at 11.15 in E3

Now, just as people in the coaching world can be sniffy about the GROW model because it’s fairly simple quite a few people in have had a pop at the idea of SMART goals. However in terms of keeping fallible irrational human on the straight and narrow they work. SMART goals and I won’t spell it (link), work because they make you mindful and set up a little nagging mechanism in your brain. SMART goal setting forces you to think through stuff. Now for me it’s the fact that I wasn’t setting them. This week I vowed to do three things and I won’t bore you with the SMART steps but I sat down and set out what I would do and how I would hold myself to account. Now look a what I call t my" Goalgrid" or "GuiltGrid." when I feel less virtuous!

Goal Result Progress
Work-out at health club at last 3 x weekly Monday to Friday Worked out at health club three days days got IPOD sorted and felt brill! Target
Eat healthy diet cutting down on saturate fats Been very controlled in my eating and tracked it well. stopped snacks and late night eating. Target
Stop drinking on days when work follows and when I do offset it by drinking less on weekends. Did really well. Had a glass of wine with food but no pub. Target


Progress indeed! Now I have not lost much weight. That’s fine there is a bit of randomness to these things. One of the issues about "sustainable" weight loss is water and a big bloke sometimes builds muscle when he doesn’t want to. In know the weight loss will come. But I am not distracted or derailed. I am genuinely happy that I have managed this. It’s not easy when I pass the convivial warming beacon of the pub on a cool autumn night. I sometimes head automatically like Homer Simpson in his automaton quest for DuffTM beer. The beer is anything but duff! I also feel great because exercise makes you feel good and it’s also improves your brain. I’ll be sharing the evidence base for exercise based learning next week. See you all in Manchester.

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