Habits and Happiness Part 6: Notice and "feel" the change (or feel the belt tightening).

Yes I have noticed and felt a change. I have got fatter it’s as simple as that. By not attending the health club because of a twinge I got on the running machine after our Manchester conference, I have let myself fall off the habit changing horse. With the festive over indulgence over I have downed too many goodies. Like the British economy it’s time for a bit of austerity. Incidentally brilliant book about how people lived after the war in times of real privation by the excellent historian David Kynaston should help anyone who thinks we are about to undergo a period of hair shirted hardship. I read it whilst quaffing more food casually on the Christmas couch than a citizen of that period would have got in a month. yet people weren’t exactly unhappy for all of that.


So what will I do/ I will re-set my goals of losing 14 ibs (6kgs) by March the 1st. I need to do this otherwise I will re-activate a pattern of procrastination, which as well as being the thief of time is also in this case the limiter of clothing choices and the culprit for jokes about when the baby is due. part of my problem is that because of my height I have never seen myself as fat. my flawlessly honest mother though disabused ne of this on my recent visit to Scotland. "you are getting an awful belly on you John". If I don’t feel the change other people see it. So what do I know about procrastination? My old friend (sorry namedropping there I have never met him!), but Dan Ariely the brilliant behavioural economist points discusses procrastination and lack of self control. http://www.predictablyirrational.com/.

As Dan points out the P word comes from the Latin pro meaning for and cras meaning tomorrow. "put it off till tomorrow", Whatever your habit changing need the P word will pull you down. That’s why I probably thought "Well it’s too close to the festive bingeout so I’ll just wait till January and I’ll make a new year’s resolution (NYR)". At a decent age I have made a lot of these NYR’s. My Goal is to lose weight my reality is I am not losing it my Can I actually keep myself on track this time? I am making the gaols a bit more specific and I will make myself what I call "cumulatively accountable for achieving them. that’s is I will lose 2bs next week four pounds by the 17th and 6bs by the 24th. I am also going to boxercise (6 sessions). I will also commit to be more serious about this generally. Part of sharing my goals with all of you is to use peer and community pressure. Let me know how you are getting on also. When I next post next Monday I want to celebrate success by getting that 2Ib weight loss!

. Goal; To lose one stone (6 kgs by March 1st)

Work-out at health club at last 3 x weekly

Eat healthy diet cutting down on saturate fats and lose at least 2ibs per week

Stop drinking on days when work follows and when I do offset it by drinking less on weekends.

Do something different at the heath club (Boxercise planned and play some team sport such as five a side



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