Habits and Happiness 11: Pain and effort = payoff.

This morning I almost slipped under the duvet rather than face my challenge of running at 8k on an incline of 2 for 20 minutes. It's week two of my prep for the London 10k. I had all sorts of excuses but knackering myself playing a few minutes of 11 a side football with CIPD colleagues was one of them. I was as stiff as bucket of wallpaper paste in the frost nevertheless, I decided I wasn’t going to quit did the run and feel a real sense of achievement. I crossed a pain barrier and feel good now. It’s the same with saving and curbing alcohol and watching what you eat, the pay off takes pain and effort. That’s why our pleasure seeking brain parts want us to forget it and reward ourselves with the bad behaviour. That’s the insights of psychologists brilliantly fused with economics as popularised by Dan Ariely and his fellow "American Dan Pink.

Next week it’s CIPD HRD conference 21-23 April Olympia London. I’ll be presenting the latest findings for the learning and talent development survey as well as talking about our Shaping the Future project and some work I am doing on "soft" skills. The softest skill of all, the best test of emotional intelligence is self management. I believe today I showed some of that and failed for once to be predictably irrational. What’s your story?

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