Apprentice 5; Pride and Pushiness

Pride comes before a fall and Paloma pushed her luck. The marginal difference in sales between the teams didn't matter. Some say Paloma should have been spared and loquacious but useless Alex or superfluous Sandeesh should have walked the plank instead.  However the contest was one on product selection inexpensive party dresses. Paloma as team leader lost it because she above all treated her possible supplier with a cold hauteur and lack of engagement which made the supplier opt for the other team. No eye contact, speaking off to the side, a false transactional smile and overall an arrogant stance. The other team showed interest and were happy to sell some cheap party dresses. Paloma got some avant guarde expensive togs made from recycled ties but still requiring a big cash footprint at min 300 quid. Now apart from the odd jaded wag coach party it was difficult to see how they could drive the sales. Alex was praised for his local knowledge of Manchester as though it were the interior of Borneo and then blamed for bad pitch selection. Alex himself came up with more nerdy quasi marketing gibberish like that at a conference of Gareth Cheeseman's. His hilarious directions to the pitch from his central hawking spot was a comedy classic. To be fair he had the brilliant idea of featuring their boutique on the Mall TV channel.  Anyway when Paloma turned on everyone else only one person was going.  Lord Sugar knows a bully even a beautiful one when he sees it.

See you all in Manchester at the Annual Conference and Exhibition.

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