Apprentice 8; Taking One for the Team When the Chips are Down Can get You Fired.

I know there is pre-occupation with the Germans, in the UK, and of course some of our greatest comedy is rooted in that awkward history. The comedy of this edition of the Apprentice was the attempt to sell crisps or "Kartoffelchips" to the Germans.

To be fair Herr Baggs came out best as he actually attempted to speak German. That said his show off display of counting to twenty was displayed as though he had just translated Goethe’s missing manuscript into English for the first time. But, at least he got the issue of trying with languages. Laura, whose survival is one of the great enigmas of the series was very trying indeed. She basically spoke sales gibberish off the top of her head in staccato slum posh. Loads of "y’knows" , "actually's" and" basically’s" and "our product yeah's" delivered at light speed and mostly in the form of questions. This mystified and irritated the potential major buyer. When he repeatedly asked her to slow down by saying "I don’t understand " she just piled on the verbal diarrhoea.

Stella in her second stint as team leader did what you would expect a team led by Stella to do. It performed. Stella as always planned and prepared, she got her flavours right, fixed up meetings and was in control . This allowed Stuart and Laura to pfaff around and be entertaining. Paired with the high octane sales craftsmanship of Joanne Stella was able to sell more. Her team won again. She also made sure that she was at the centre of things and not a background operator. One example she put ludicrous Laura’s nose out of joint, by getting to the main pitch early. This is important, shrinking violets look lightweight.

Christopher was no shrinking violet but he acted like one. When Christopher fixed an appointment to see a key buyer Jamie signalled for the later appointment. Christopher went along with it and didn’t challenge. The Stella team cleaned up because they took the nine o’clock. The parable of the early bird was lost on the increasingly smug Jamie, who was lucky to get out alive as Sugar pressured tested and probed him. Jamie couldn't say what he actually did. Lesson here write down stuff own and record your impact. Another lesson, sometimes you have to point the finger when other people are to blame or you will take the rap. Jamie Lester dodged the Sugar bullet because Christopher basically dived in front and took it. His admirable code of decency and honour learned in the Marines, was too much for him to tell the truth or "daub in" a mate. His mate though happily let him take the flak. So with Liz Stella and Joanne safe it’s all to play for, and more fun next week.

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