'Good morning Sir!' - Law On Tour, Autumn 2013

One week of the Law on tour delivered already - I can hardly believe it! Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol down and just another nine venues to go. 

John Fenton was my co-tutor last week and really went down a treat with the delegates with his tales of just what really happens at employment tribunal, and what can sometimes go wrong. My favourite tale - having repeatedly drummed into his witnesses the importance of addressing the employment judge correctly, when the judge said "Good morning Mr Fenton" John looked the judge straight in the eyes and replied with great enthusiasm and confidence, "Good morning Sir"  (nothing wrong with that, you're thinking) - unless of course the employment judge is a woman! Luckily 'Madam' saw the funny side of the faux pas, but it just goes to show that even the most experienced of us can have those egg on face moments.

>When in Edinburgh of course we always have to be mindful of the differences in the law

When in Edinburgh of course we always have to be mindful of the differences in the law, especially the difference in procedure for witnesses at tribunal. Those of you who haven't experienced a Scottish tribunal may not know that witness statements are not the norm and that witnesses may not enter the tribunal until it is their turn to give evidence - which of course can make managing a case a little tricky if you're used to the system in England and Wales.

Managing an employment tribunal case, however, isn't the only topic we're covering in the workshops. The section 111A settlement negotiations have been provoking much debate around the potential for confusion and mishap, and the new rules for collective redundancy consultation, and the imminent new TUPE rules have also kicked off a great deal of discussion.

Marco Marenda will be my co-tutor next week and our first pit stop is Leeds on Tuesday and if you haven't already made your reservation there's still plenty of time to do so.

We'd love to see you there so get your booking in now, Miss, Mrs, Ms, Mr, Lord, Lady, Sir...whoever you are!

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