Worryingly windy! - Law On Tour, Autumn 2013

It's nearly the end of the 2013 Autumn Law on Tour (just one more workshop to go), and the Autumn leaves have certainly started to fall...with a  bloomin' vengeance if you live anywhere south of Luton!  Talk about blowing a hooley! 

We battened down every last hatch around our home on Sunday night and of course had to make sure that our girls' home in the garden was properly secured. Now before I'm swamped with hate mail about the cruelty of keeping children in the garden,  let me reassure you that the girls I refer to are of course our four lovely hens who, despite Armageddon raging all night long, seemed totally unperturbed and duly produced four scrumptious eggs the next day. 

>We have had some cracking discussions with delegates about the new protected conversations

Being one of the world's worst (best) worriers, however, having achieved a black belt for a lifetime's devotion to that futile art, I of course was unable to sleep a wink.  And so at first light, I sneaked out of the bedroom (sneaking definitely required as husband had made me promise I wouldn't go and check the hens - finger crossing works fine for white lies). Donning my full length raincoat and wellies I ventured outside to check that their house and electric fence was intact.  Having battled my way against the wind down to the hens I turned off the electric fence (always a good idea) and proceeded to climb over the fence - usually a simple task on a normal day - but it was no normal day.  The wind caught the tails of my coat, wrapped around my legs making me lose my balance and stumble like a sack of potatoes face first into the mud.

I beat a hasty retreat back inside, battled the door shut and turned around to come face to face with husband.  Now it's difficult to maintain one's dignity when covered head to toe in mud but I think I made a pretty good fist of it and despite him definitely having the makings of a smirk on his face he didn't laugh but just shook his head and made me a warming cuppa.  That will teach me for worrying (well unfortunately it won't, but moving swiftly on).

Talking of hurricanes and such like - the Law on Tour workshops have been a 'storming' success (I know, just how low can I sink?).  We have had some cracking discussions with delegates about the new protected conversations - ranging from situations that are just made for their use, and others that should carry a government health warning before proceeding!  In fact all the Autumn workshops have been a great success providing a comprehensive update on all new law, and although you can never please all the people all of the time, it always amazes me that somehow we practically always do!

One more London date on 13 November and at the time of writing there are still a couple of places left, so get your skates on if you want to catch it.  Me? - I'll be there to greet you on the day - worrying of course about whether anyone will turn up, or if they do whether they'll enjoy it, or if there's too much content, or too little, or whether the room's too hot, or too cold, or if there'll be a power cut, or.........

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