Spring Law on Tour - Now that’s what I call employment law!

Zero-hours contracts - the good guys or the bad guys? Well they’ve certainly received enough bad press recently to sully their reputation that’s for sure, but is it justified? Well research seems to indicate that, in the main, this much maligned employment relationship is not so widely abused as media reports suggest. The flexibility that zero-hours contracts can offer is incredibly helpful both for organisations and individual workers, of that there can surely be no doubt? However, as in most things in life, there are the good, the bad, and the downright ugly together with a large helping of misunderstanding existing on both sides of the employment relationship.

So we decided to get to the heart of the debate and include a session on employment status and the use of zero hours contracts for the spring Law on Tour workshops and if the session is half as interesting for the delegates as it was to research and develop, it will be a real winner.

We’re also going to be reviewing the case law on social media, and bringing delegates up to date with equality case law and legislation. Not forgetting, of course, all the new law, such as the TUPE amendments, Early Conciliation and everything else you need to know.

Taking the CIPD Law on Tour around Great Britain with my colleagues Marco Marenda and John Fenton is a real privilege as well as great fun meeting, as we do, so many different delegates, both regular tour attendees and first time ‘tourers’, from all types of organisations. We believe that the Law on Tour workshops are a unique training experience and if you’re a regular then get yourself booked on to the spring tour while places are still available - and if you’ve never attended before then why don’t you experience for yourself why delegates return time after time. You really won’t regret it and you never know you might want to make a habit of us too!

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