Gorgeous George goes on CIPD Law on Tour? - Law On Tour, Spring 2014

Come on - there really is no mistaking it!  The days are longer, and dare I say warmer?  The grass has 'ris', and the birdies are most definitely on the wing (or to be absolutely accurate, where we live, making a blinkin' racket from 6.00am onwards preventing any faint hope of a lie in - and, from bitter experience, very soon now the Starling family will be performing their very own daily version of the Jeremy Kyle show right outside our bedroom window). Bliss!  Yes, it can mean only one thing - the Spring Law on Tour is imminent!

Well, the Law on Tour documents have now gone to print - yay!  Errr.. actually it's rather a bitter-sweet time for me (dramatic pause...).  On the one hand I feel a huge sense of relief that I've completed the task but, of course being me, Captain paranoia is never too far from my shoulder and so I shall spend the next few weeks worrying whether there was something else I could have added or whether there will now be a string of brilliantly interesting cases reported.  Of course if there was, or if there are, we'll just tell the delegates about them on the day, sorted - but that type of thinking points to a straightforward calm personality type and, let's face it, I'm never going to be accused of that. Never let an effective solution to a potential problem get in the way of hours of futile worrying - that's my motto!

Now all my histrionics over what is, after all, just another set of course documentation may sound a bit OTT but...lock me up with George Clooney, and make him my week-one co-tutor if this sounds old fashioned ...I think the CIPD Law on Tour is a special event and after all my years of delivering every type of employment law training - as far as I am concerned there is nothing that even comes close to it for the buzz it gives us the tutors (me, John Fenton and Marco Marenda) and, I hope, the delegates too.

The Law on tour workshops are always a great general employment law update, but they also feature topical issues - so this time we're featuring employment status, zero-hours, TUPE, and social media as well.  So, if you haven't already booked on the tour, get cracking.  Three venues are already fully booked, including the two London venues, so a third London has been added.

We would love to see you at any of the venues but our first workshop will be in Edinburgh, so perhaps we'll see you there?

Look for me - I'll be the one next to the tall, dark, handsome chap. Ooooh! Did you think I meant gorgeous George? Dream on!

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