Taking a break - Law On Tour, Spring 2014

After a week's break for the bank holiday the Law on Tour is back on the road again next week.  We start off in Leeds on Tuesday, then Nottingham and Stansted, ending up in London on Friday.

Talking of breaks... during the first week of the tour I was hobbling around on a pair of crutches after having had an argument with a mountain whilst skiing in March.  To be honest the mountain won as I ended up spending most of my holiday in a French hospital nursing a broken leg!  Rather annoying, of course, but trying to make the most out of a bad situation, my French roomie (also recovering from a skiing misadventure) and I decided that we would take the opportunity to improve our language skills.  The idea was that I had to speak to her in French at all times and she had to speak in English.  This seemed like a great idea at the time but alas, I had not thought this through too well, as being in hospital we were woken every morning at the crack of dawn by some kind soul (some might say sadist) administering drugs (prescribed of course), coffee, breakfast etc.  Now to say that I'm not a morning person is a wild understatement - I can't even think clearly in English that early in the morning let alone in a foreign language!  So, at 5.00am on day three when my lovely roomie launched into her early morning greeting and questions about how I was feeling it really, really took all of my English stiff upper lip not to introduce her to some of the more colourful and unusual words and phrases of the English language! 

Anyway, back to the tour plot.  The controversy about the use of zero hours contracts continues to rage.  A few weeks ago Ed Miliband was the latest politician to climb aboard the zero hours band wagon and denounce their use, and accuse the Government of not taking a strong enough line in their consultation document.

Whatever you think about zero hours contracts it is highly unlikely that they will be outlawed altogether, but we may see some prohibition on certain practices, such as exclusivity clauses.  As the government hasn't published the results of its consultation yet we'll just have to wait and see.

The tour isn't just about zero-hours contracts though.  We talk about all the different types of employment relationships; TUPE; what's new in discrimination; social media; early conciliation and protected conversations, and of course everything else that is new in employment law. I've reviewed the evaluations forms and once again the delegates are thoroughly enjoying the workshops, so if you haven't already booked yourself on it's not too late as Leeds, Stansted, Cardiff, Southampton, and the additional London still have some availability.

Marco Marenda will be touring with me next week and we would love to see you at one of the venues.

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