Breaking the habit - Law On Tour, Autumn 2014

By Cas Carrington

Readers who attended the CIPD Spring 2014 Law on Tour will have witnessed a very unusual (I sincerely hope once in a lifetime) sight. Me, delivering my workshop sessions from a bar stool.  Now, before you jump to the wrong conclusions I was neither in a bar, nor was I imbibing anything more alcoholic than a sparkling mineral water (with ice and a slice of course).  No the reason for my, oh so static delivery was a very badly broken leg, self-inflicted some might think from derring do's whilst skiing a black mogul run?  Well no actually...I must 'fess up' - I argued with a chair-lift if truth be known and for someone who has skied for almost thirty years, believe me the ignominy of that moment will stay with me for a very, very, very long time...and the pain of course, but back to the plot.

Those of you who have attended a touring workshop will know that I am one of the world's great pacers and gesticulators and so I am delighted to announce (although some of you of a more conservative disposition may not be) that with the old leg nearly returned to 100%, I shall be back to my old ways of walking whilst talking and striding up and down the aisles for the Autumn 2014 Law on Tour - and no doubt tripping over the odd bag or foot of one of our lovely delegates.

The workshops will take an in-depth look at the new right to shared parental leave and all the other associated changes, and we'll also provide you with a shared parental leave policy that includes templates of all the required forms.  We're also doing a big session on managing long-term ill health which is always such a tricky issue to deal with and needs a firm understanding of the relevant law as well as - well just understanding.

As ever the workshops will look at other topical matters such as the current mess over how to calculate pay for statutory annual leave, and of course will include a round-up of other new legislation and case law.

Venues are now beginning to sell out fast so if you haven't done much about putting together a shared parental leave policy yet, and/or you need a solid employment law update, then get yourself booked on soon.  I really can't wait to see you all on Law on Tour and I promise to keep the pacing and gesticulation to a minimum - as if!

To find out more about Law on Tour or book a place, visit our CIPD training page.

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