The Autumn 2015 Law on Tour Workshops - without squirrels

The flights and rail tickets are all booked, the routes mapped out, venues secured, and tour documents all written.  So we’re now well on our way to being ready for the Autumn Law on Tour workshops

If you’ve attended one of the workshops before you’ll know that there are two tutors on each workshop.  On this tour, I’ll be delivering the sessions with my tour-seasoned colleague John Fenton, who when not advising and lecturing on employment law is in employment tribunal representing respondents.  Having two of us on tour means that when one of us is running a session, the other is making sure that everything possible is done to make the day enjoyable and comfortable for our delegates. Whether it’s trying to get the dreaded air conditioning just right or keeping track of breaking employment law news to update delegates, we pull out all the stops to make sure things run smoothly.

Although sometimes, no matter how hard we try, weird stuff happens.  Like the time that a squirrel jumped through an open window during one of our sessions.  A little disconcerting when trying to explain the Working Time Regulations to a very (completely understandably) distracted audience. Or the time when one of us (I’m really not going to say which one), got locked in the loo just before their session began. But this is just when having two tutors is invaluable.

Anyway, if you have decided to book on one of the workshops, being delivered at 12 venues in Great Britain between 6 and 23 October, you have definitely made the right choice if you’re looking for a comprehensive employment law update with loads of added extras. To kick off, we’ll be looking at all that’s new in employment law, including the Government’s new Bills that have relevance for employment law, equal pay transparency, proposed changes to the tax treatment of termination payments, all the important new case law, and the latest in the employment tribunal fees’ saga.

The focus for the rest of the workshop will be on avoiding unfair dismissal (where possible), and reviewing the early conciliation process.  We will be explaining exactly what you mustn’t do if you want to secure a fair dismissal and looking at the five potentially fair reasons for dismissal in detail.  We’ll be giving top tips on avoiding a finding of unfair dismissal, and of course sharing with you our experiences of what the tribunals actually look for. The sessions will include explanations of all the relevant case law and how it helps us understand what the law requires.

Our final session will take a timely look at the mandatory process of early conciliation, with a review of the Acas statistics so far, and an explanation of what all employers need to know about calculating whether a claim is in time.
Although we always try to cover the optimum amount of material in the workshop to make sure delegates receive the best value update, we are also mindful to include as much interaction as we can and so we have lots of interesting and helpful case studies for you to debate with other delegates.

I really hope to see you on one of the workshops in October, and I can guarantee that there will be hardly any squirrels at all trying to make guest appearances.

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