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Law on Tour Autumn 2017 - by Cas Carrington

I was talking to an HR professional a little while ago, who told me she was dealing with an employment tribunal claim that her company had decided to settle. Run of the mill stuff so far, you may think. So what? She seemed rather agitated, however, and went on to say that she had read almost everything that had ever been written about settlements, but still didn’t actually know ‘how to do it’. So she gave me instructions to do it for her. Well, again, that’s all in a day’s work. Nothing unusual there?

Now the more experienced among you will probably be thinking that it wasn’t such an unusual situation for someone who hasn’t been in HR very long. But it really started me thinking, because she was no rookie, and holds a senior position in her organisation. What’s more, a few days before, I had been chatting with an HR manager who confided that he had never actually sat on a disciplinary hearing panel, or personally dismissed anyone.

I must admit that I was rather surprised by these two ‘confessions’. It hadn’t occurred to me that anyone in those positions wouldn’t have dealt with those particular issues at some time. But I guess that really depends on the sector individuals work in, and the roles they have undertaken so far in their careers. So, probably, not so unusual after all.

Knowing ‘how to’ in practice, not just in theory, has got to be essential, not only in ensuring that employees are treated fairly, and organisations are not put at undue risk, but also in inspiring confidence in colleagues - and for that reason it is one of the main themes of this autumn’s Law on Tour.

So, as well as making sure that you are right up to date with all new employment law legislation and, of course, case law, we will have lots of ‘how to’ sessions. Whether you want to know how to choose and undertake the right type of investigation; dismiss fairly for conduct, poor performance, or third party pressure; conduct a collective consultation; settle an ET claim, write your gender pay gap statement; introduce a fair relationships at work policy; and much more to boot, you can find out by attending one of the events we are running for three weeks in October, right across the UK.

My co-tutor, John Fenton, also really knows ‘how to’, so we’ll both look forward to greeting you in October, at your venue of choice.

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