Remembering Jackie – and building on her legacy

It’s been a challenging week as you might imagine following the very sad passing of Jackie. We have all been affected by it but it is wonderful to see all the messages and huge support that Jackie had, the impact she made, and the many friendships she had developed across the profession.

Our thoughts have been turning towards a fitting longer term memorial to her, for example in the form of an award or possibly an annual lecture and we will be discussing this with Jackie’s family before making an announcement in the coming weeks.

For my own part I have been getting to know the organisation better and I am struck by the breadth of what we do from research, public policy, marketing, events, training, qualifications, membership, advice and consulting, branch support, international growth and so on.  I think all of this does reflect our purpose in helping to build HR capabilities, understanding, and impact, but it does also present some interesting challenges in keeping everything connected!

I have also been getting out and about and meeting a number of interesting people, and talking on a few platforms on current themes, such as engagement, leadership and management challenges, youth employment and understanding corporate culture – on all of which it’s been good to be able to draw on the wealth of CIPD research and information available to me here.

These are all fascinating topics and impacting all of us, and I think it is important that we as the CIPD can provide distinctive insight through to practical guidance and support aligned to the big themes. We need to ensure this is relevant to you as HR professionals at all levels, but also to line managers who are so critical in the people management processes. We also want to influence business leaders and policy makers both directly, but also by working with others where we can align our thinking and increase our impact.

Thank you for your comments. There may be a short delay in this going live on the blog page as we moderate the comments added to our blogs.

  • A nice post Peter.

    As somebody outside the HR arena, but in the membership sector I have watched the CIPD grow and develop under Jackie's leadership. I was very sadden to read she lost her battle.

    Good luck with your role in continuing her work.

  • Sorry I meant saddened.