Thoughts on the CIPD - a framework for change

Time has flown by and I am now through my first 100 days as CEO and have been working on the strategic framework and priorities for us in the coming months and years.

The CIPD has a lot to be proud of and there has been a lot of progress in recent years in improving standards, developing thought leadership and research, and connecting with senior HR leaders, policy makers, and other key stakeholders.

I have said before that I don't think there has ever been a more interesting time to be in HR and I think in many ways we are at an inflection point for our profession. The changing nature of work, the workforce and even the workplace, with high levels of market and economic uncertainty and accelerating pace of change, are all requiring us to think differently and develop new practices and approaches.

We all have a compelling agenda ahead of us, and business leaders, policy makers and even community leaders are looking to us to help, to provide the insights and understanding on how to build better work and working lives, creating more sustainable organisations and making a positive impact economically as well as socially.

I want the CIPD to be able to step up as well, to help lead the profession and to be a positive voice for change. We need to engage with these strategic issues, to help understand the changing context in which we are operating and to have a coherent vision and support for HR in to the future. We need to do more to support and be relevant to all communities and groups within HR, from the most senior leaders to those starting their career or thinking about a career in HR. We need to support and engage better with L&D professionals, and to work effectively with other bodies and institutions including the finance and accounting community, and with consultants who work in the HR area and are themselves a significant driver of change. We also need to be relevant to smaller enterprises and be able to help them manage and develop people better, and to ensure we have relevance internationally.

At the heart of what we do will be to continue to provide clear standards and assessment of skills and competencies, and entry points in to the profession and professional membership, but we also need to show clearer progression routes including continuing professional development opportunities, and a more differentiated membership offer for different membership groups. As part of this, I believe we should have better outreach to members, strengthen our branch networks and support more activities at a regional level.

This all adds up to a full agenda and set of changes that I hope will position the CIPD for the future and most importantly to ensure we are keeping ahead of the issues and trends and providing value and insight to the HR profession and people managers everywhere.

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