What do I want and expect from work and what factors are most important to me for a career?

By Uzor Onichabor, 15 years old – work experience placement from The John Fisher School, Purley

One of the major things anyone would expect from a work place is a clean environment. No one really wants to be working in an environment where they are constantly sneezing from the dust, or always wincing at the site of moulding walls and surfaces. Luckily the CIPD was the complete contrast of this description. As anything, I would also expect kind and friendly colleagues. Because quite frankly, a workplace wouldn’t function properly if all the employees and managers had something against each other and wanted to get at each other’s throats. On my first day to this very point of my time at the CIPD, I have only received smiles, warm welcomes and a positive, funny and engaging atmosphere whilst working which has helped me loosen up and enjoy my experience here.

Work wise, I would expect work that is hard but is understandable and not too time consuming. Work that is helpful and relevant firm wise and personally. Which is exactly what is experienced at CIPD. At the CIPD, I was given three main tasks during the week. These tasks consisted of me researching how innovative technology is changing HR, writing a CV and writing a blog and posting on the company’s social media. These tasks were all very different from each other which is what I liked because the variety of tasks helped me learn a variety of skills especially the very important skill of structuring and writing a CV. I also had an interview and was given positives and negative feedback which I can use when I have a real interview; this was extremely helpful.

At work, a large expectation is knowing responsibilities and what you are expected to do. When everyone is confused arguing over their roles it affects the fluidity of the work which in the long term affects productivity. When everyone knows what they are doing, it feels good because the work gets done quicker. On my third day, I was in a meeting and during the meeting every employee was designated a responsibility which therefore helped the meeting progress without any bumps just as in the office where everyone is at the computers doing their work not running around pulling their hair out worried with confusion. At the CIPD work is made clear that is why the company runs smoothly.

At work, I would expect flexible hours. A job that allows you to work from home would be very convenient. This would come in handy when employees are busy and not able to make it to work. Furthermore opportunities to be innovative and open minded are vital due to the fact that flowing ideas lead to companies moving forward. Innovation is key for a company’s growth as it provides the company with variety and helps it stand out from companies under the same market. At CIPD, ideas like Ted talks and discussions at lunch really help the employees bond as a unit and get their various opinions across. Abseiling for charity is another activity that helps them come together, but also help others in need. Not many companies have wild and wondrous ideas such as that.

Everyone wants perks and bonuses from their jobs, whether it be discounts or pay rises. But try finding a company like the CIPD that gives you offers on theatre tickets, offers on gym memberships and free lunch! Those kind of gifts towards the workers make the workers more eager to work and helps them have a positive attitude towards work which there already is at the CIPD.

Finally, what the majority of workers (mainly first time workers) want to get out a job is a good and learning new skills to help them build their career into something that they can be proud of. Fortunately I ended up at the CIPD. It’s a great place to start your career as it is a company based on advice for starting your career. I’m really grateful for the chance to work here as it has helped me gain new skills for my future such as interview skills, writing a CV, doing reports and my punctuality. Also just realising how important work is and how I can start shaping my future. I learnt how to co-operate with other colleagues and how team meetings work. The CIPD is a great place for work and work experience and I am really happy that I got to undertake the journey of working here and I would love to do it again.

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