Work experience at the CIPD

By Nasser el Mokhtari and Nathan Ten Have

We are fifteen-year-old students from KSG De Breul, in Zeist and we’ve spent a week with the Research Team at CIPD. Our work experience this week has been enjoyable and at times challenging. The Head of Research, Wilson Wong, spoke to us about HR and HRM. We learned what HR is, what HR people do and in what situations companies need HR.

We researched the impact of technology on education. We’ve looked at both positive and negative outcomes of the new technology being introduced to education, such as virtual reality and gamification. We learned a lot from this task, for instance, technology used in education is very helpful for both teachers and students as it makes learning and teaching more interesting. We’ve also selected some additional content for a policy report on immigration that’s due to be published next month; this involved looking at recent factsheets, podcasts and workforce trends.

We’ve made a huge impact in the office by clearing out the old research publications and reordering the current research. All reports are now ordered in the year they were published so it will be easy for the research and policy advisers to find. We went to the L&D Show at Olympia and thought it was a great event and we really enjoyed being part of it. There was a great atmosphere! We think it is a really good thing that companies get the opportunity to present at such a big event.

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  • Thanks for sharing your blog about your work experience week with the research team. It sounds like you've enjoyed your time with us.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience. And good luck with your continued studies