Rewarding Sex

By Colin Miller, Kent County Council.   Equality of pay has been on the agenda for decades.  This might be in the soft touch genre such as passing whisper in the corporate blurb about how important it is to treat everyone fairly or it could be something a bit more hard core such as a full blown equal pay audit - especially if you publish it online for all employees to see.  In this day and age of post modernistic everything, how we reward people properly and fairly should be mainstreamed and not kept ‘under the covers’.

I’m seeing the future as having the expectation and desire to account for decisions the organisation makes.  This may be why certain groups of staff need to by paid more, why there are differences in the benefits offered by grade (becoming harder to justify this now) or why there are gender related pay differences.  I’m also hoping, by adopting this approach, what actually happens is that organisations identify old fashioned, unwarranted or misogynistic approaches and unceremoniously ‘dump’ them.

From the 2013 CIPD Reward Survey results, it is more likely that organisations are transparent in their approach to employee benefits rather than in the realms of pay.  However, new regulations, public expectation, and pressure from key interest groups or shareholders all outline a clear direction of travel. 

As we boldly stumble into the bright new future we should embrace these warm notions and get on with it.  Openness within pay in practice, employee benefits or total reward should shine through and ensure that everyone, independent of sex (gender) or any other aspect of equality, feels fulfilled at work or at least fairly rewarded.

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