Scotland the Blog: Coming Home and Connecting

This year is the year of homecoming in Scotland, a major initiative aimed at getting people to visit Scotland, especially that massive diaspora of Scots to be found everywhere from Boston to Bangalore. Its two pronged it’s a celebration of Scotland, its people and its heart stopping scenery, and it’s an opportunity to position Scotland as a business destination for those who have a connection with our nation but who haven’t discovered our hidden gems of talent and enterprise.

One of our goals in CIPD Scotland is to encourage a homecoming of the Scotland CIPD network. That can be accessed through many routes but our branches are central. Events are a big aspect of CIPD Scotland’s pull and popularity. From our award winning conference to our special branch events we work with a wide range of partners to deliver practical advice and insight. We also want to share the best stuff out there in people and organisational management. With CIPD Scotland we are ramping that effort up.

We began with great gathering of our event planning network in Perth over the weekend. Travelling from all parts of Scotland to spend a day on this key topic shows how much time our volunteers and staff are prepared to put in to developing their CIPD Scotland. We heard from all the branches on the packed events programmes, from the efforts in the lightly populated borders, to the strategic events programme in Aberdeen and the teleconferenced events in Highlands and Islands. In the West major centenary events and the vibrant Ayrshire network connect the region.

As well as great ideas on how we can work better together, to sponsor and cross- market our events to members, we will be setting up an events collaboration network on Linked-in. We also have new branch co-ordinations staff and systems in place. We will also be working to inform our members throughout Scotland on the big constitutional debate on our theme of Scotland’s Skilled Future, and engaging with government on a range of issues. The latest is to speak on the Scottish governments PACE initiative in a month’s time.

CIPD centrally will also be running cost competitive learning events  on major people and performance topics. . We will be running a major conference on engagement working with Nita Clarke and David McLeod from Engage for Success. One aspect of engagement is trust and our recent report by Chief Economist Mark Beatson  shows that low trust is really driving low engagement and low productivity. CIPD will be sharing solutions and approaches to building an engaged workforce. So practitioners will be able to access the latest thinking from some of the most motivating speakers on the circuit and then drill down into practical solutions.

We will also be looking to engage with SME’s. People and performance are critical to SME’s , but many especially the smaller ones don’t necessarily recognise the role of HR We need to work collaboratively with organisations like FSB, CBI, IIP  and IOD to help build our understanding of SMEs. Their biggest issue may be access to finance but the skills and capability needed to grow will also be high up the list.

Finally, we will be connecting our members to a series of initiatives undertaken by people we think are shaking up the HR and workplace conversation in Scotland (see our linked-in page or email L&D Connect is a learning and development network already established in England brought to Scotland by, among others, Julie Dryborough. The network’s inaugural conference is in Edinburgh on the 22nd of February. We will also be working with our academic centres to re-energise the Knowledge into Practice network, which has gone for a wee KIP needs to awaken from its slumbers!

So as they say it’s all going on all you have to do is turn up. Full details of everything we do on our website.

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