trust in the city: what does ‘culture change’ actually mean


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13 Jun, 2013 12:58

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    3 Jul, 2013 11:27

    Hi Jonny...

    A good article. I agree with you that 'regulation, management processes, communications and many more things' will be needed to change the culture, but there is something else.

    In the film 'Dead Poets' Society' the character played by Robin Williams inspires his students by suggesting that Business, Medicine, Law (and all the other noble academic pursuits) are means to an end...not ends in themselves.  The end is to appreciate beauty - music, art, love, poetry, etc.  The results of human civilization.  

    So, too, in financial services.  Trust will not be earned until financial services professionals start behaving as if there is something more important than a short-term return on investment (both for themselves and their shareholders). Once retail and investment banks (along with private equity companies and hedge fund operators) start actively demonstrating that they are genuinely interested in applying their skills, resources and undoubted imaginations to a purpose more worthy and socially responsible than their own narrow gain, then we might consider their motives worthy of trust.

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