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26 Jul, 2013 08:57

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  • Thought provoking, thank  you.   I agree with the outlook SME's have on going forward with failure.  Working for a SME, failure just makes us better but sometimes fails can be becasue of the large client(s) we work for!

  • I'm a Director of a small business & I have also worked in larger organisations. There is definitely a different mind set required to work is an SME. One of your lines of inquiry is to establish what lessons can be learned from the way we work in an SME. Within SME's we have to be responsive; to be self-motivated; very few can pay for training programmes (or to attend the CIPD conference !). There is a great deal of uncertainty regarding the future within SME's & therefore we have different coping strategies that you don't necessarily need in a larger organisation - in particular in the public sector, e.g there may be a need to expand your portfolio, introduce new income streams & as such a need to react a lot quicker in decision making. If we have meetings they need to be short & meaningful.There are so many differences, from the constant creative thinking process to how you recruit people; what sort of contracts you can offer; how problems are solved; the need to be constantly looking for opportunities; the hours you work; tight close team work; dealing with downtime & many disappointments.

    Good luck with your research.

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    28 Aug, 2013 16:30

    Thanks Charlotte and Gerard for sharing your perspectives on going forward with failure and working with uncertainty - really interesting points. Do take a look at the full report avaiable on our research pages and keep an eye out for various SME events- forums and conferences that we have planned to support your communities.

    Best wishes


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    4 Sep, 2013 16:20

    An interesting article and the comments about hierarchy really jumped out at me - I couldn't agree more. I have observed and worked with SME's who have actually lost their entrepreneurial edge and much of this I attribute to the way they structure their organisation. A business works in its infancy because it's able to really harness the skills and talents of those involved. It is likely to be very informal, very flat and terms like employee engagement don't register because they are by-products of their way of working. Unfortunately as companies grow, those leading the company often revert to type (either as a result of what they have previously experienced or what conventional wisdom tells them) and the default position is to put in a lair of management or team leaders. As this process starts to happen so does the innovative spirit start to erode...

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