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4 Feb, 2014 13:03

Totally endorse your view.

Link: /blogs/cipdbloggers/b/scotland_the_blog/archive/2014/02/04/england-and-immigration-why-an-open-world-can-lead-to-closed-minds.aspx#Post2107
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You over look probably the most important aspect of the immigration debate – The moral ethical aspect…. Many believe the right to SELF determination is the most important aspect of human existence – We are not property – We should be able to go out into the world and be the best that we can be – Also, the moral social aspect – There are very few families now that do not have member across the world – It cannot be overly expressed how horrendous it is not being able to help or be with a family member in another part of the world because of ignorant immigration laws brought about by small minded fearful people.

To put it simply – Borders are for sheep and cows – They appeal to the feeble minded and Daily mail readers…
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