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20 Mar, 2017 14:38

Hi all,

I wanted your opinions on my current situation.

I have been in HR for just under 2 years and love every aspect of this sector. It is definetely where I see myself in the forseeable future however, I have had such bad luck with companies. From redundancy to management styles, I have had a run of bad luck in finding the right company to really dig my teeth into!

I am currently in a temporary position for a fantastic company and was told it may go permanent which is fantastic! However, this was 6 weeks ago and nothing has progressed with the permanent position and I fear they may not actually have the head count to take me on permanently leaving me with another short stint on my CV and I am only 2 weeks away from being CIPD Level 5 qualified.

I feel a bit stuck on what to do as I have never been a temp before and the insecurity of it makes me nauseous!

What are your thoughts?

  • Amy that does sounds like bad luck...

    Congratulations and well done on being so close to being CIPD 5 Qualified, you must be quite pleased with yourself!

    I can totally relate with how you are feeling on the insecurity of temp work - however, seeing as you have not left a secure job for life as a temp, I can only offer you reassurance in that there are lots of temp HR roles out there and now you are level 5 qualified with hands on experience you should embrace it and be able to fall into these roles, and hopefully find one long term.

    Good Luck
  • Anna

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    20 Mar, 2017 16:33

    Hi Amy

    You have a temp job and your employer has found the budget for this - so clearly believes there's a job to be done in the short term and in the long term. First of all, I would make it clear to them that you're really enjoying the job and happy to stay as long as they want you. Then remind them that temp fees are generally much higher than appointing someone permanently.

    As to the permanent role - you may have realised by now that things often run very slowly inside organisations. When I worked in-house in recruitment roles six weeks was a mere drop in the ocean when it came to agreeing the budget for a new role, conducting interviews and making decisions. I see nothing wrong in you asking from time to time how things are progressing - you're merely demonstrating your keenness to stay.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  • Keith

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    20 Mar, 2017 17:06

    Welcome to the communities

    Without the "bad luck" you think you have had you would never have found this fantastic organisation and be learning so much in a great environment.

    Focus on doing a great job and learning as much as you can. Hopefully the internal wheels will turn and they will offer you a great permanent job - if not you have a great addition to your CV and a stepping stone to your next opportunity.
  • Emma

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    22 Mar, 2017 09:09

    Hi Amy,

    I appreciate that you like to feel the security of a permanent role, I am usually the same. However, I have experienced exactly what you have experienced over the years: a redundancy from a role I loved, followed by a perm role where my style of HR just did not fit with the organisation. In between both of those roles, I did stints as a temp and I can honestly say these temp experiences really helped me develop.

    As a temp you don't normally have the luxury of settling in to the role, so you have to hit the ground running and often get experience quicker in areas that you haven't previously. So make the most of the temp experience, and keep an eye out for the RIGHT perm job.

    Good luck :)
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