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Hi everyone,

Are there any standalone HR Managers out there who can tell me the pro's/con's of being standalone?

I have been offered a standalone role, I have always worked as part of a team so am looking to weigh up the pro's/con's before making a decision.


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    26 Mar, 2018 14:54

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    Great first post, Coleen... and congrats!
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    26 Mar, 2018 15:38

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    Danielle...  has also since posted to the epic discussion I flagged earlier in this thread.

  • I think it will depend on several factors. How skilful and knowledgeable are you - can you operate confidently on your own? How much power will you have? If you report to the decision makers, you will have the opportunity to change that which you deem needs to change (provided you have the skills, of course!) and that is priceless. Will you have administrative support? If you won't, then you may find yourself bogged down in administration, with little time to flex your muscles and improve policy and culture. Do you trust the organisation which is giving you this role? If you do, then my view is 'Go for it!' I think there will be a lot of HR professionals who would give their eye teeth to have the chance to do your own thing successfully.
  • Hi Danielle,

    I think that I can echo all of the thoughts of others on here.

    I started in a standalone as HR Manager in February. I am just shy of completing my 3 month probation period, but in that time I have had a Baptism of fire.

    The volume of work and weight of some of the cases I have had to deal with has been astounding, but I have fully embraced it and seen it as a massive learning curve.

    As the company I have joined are growing at a rapid rate they were in desperate need of HR. Starting as a family business and now 100+ employees means that there is a lot of 'this is the way it has always been done', but with the appointment of a new CEO a year ago I have great support and backing and have been able to make the role my own and have a blank canvas to work on.

    There is an extent of being a little more tentative as you first start, but the more you deal with, the more your confidence grows and then you are happy to shout a little louder to get yourself heard and make the appropriate changes.

    My colleagues already feel like I have been here much longer than I have and I have been rewarded with a pay review before even serving my 3 months probation, or asking for it. It means that your efforts are definitely noticed.

    I do hear 'we didn't have these problems until you started', but then people realise that the problems were always there and that it's you that's been able to come in, find them, address them and make a positive change.

    I wish you all the best!
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    8 May, 2018 15:00

    Hi Danielle,

    I have recently taken on a standalone role as my manager left the company and the powers that be decided not to replace him. At first I was convinced that I wouldn't be able to do it but to be honest I have really enjoyed it so far! My learning curve has been massive and as many others have said, you get to set your own agenda and find your own style of managing HR. I know that I have already made judgements that I would change if I had to do it again but I feel that as long as you are honest (with yourself and your colleagues) and accept that in many cases there is no right answer, it really is a very rewarding position to be in! I have also found HR Inform invaluable (https://www.hr-inform.co.uk/) and cheaper than our lawyers (!) and I have called them a few times just to confirm that I am on the right track - and each time I have done so, it has again given me a bit more confidence and helped me to realise that I know more that I give myself credit for! All in all, I would say that if you have the opportunity, go for it as I am sure you would always be wondering 'what if', if you don't!

    Good luck with whatever you decide :)
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