Who pays for your CIPD costs?


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23 Jun, 2015 16:04

Hi All

I am trying to find out the following: if your company has contributed towards the cost of your CIPD course or if they paid half, part or all of it?

Just trying to get an idea of bench-mark, the CIPD schools/centers dont have this information.



  • Ellie

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    23 Jun, 2015 16:09

    Hi Celia,

    My organisation have paid for the qualification itself but I pay for the professional membership. Most people in my CIPD group have had both funded by the organisation.



  • Hello,

    My employer has paid for all of mine, previously HR Admin  and now my MA HRM. We fully fund all employee training.

     We are a small company with 34 employees.  

  • Hi,

    Everywhere I have worked, if it has been a job requirement then the company has paid for the annual membership costs - maybe I have been lucky.

    I had the full cost of my CPP qualification paid for me as I was an HR Assistant then.  I went on and did my MSc so full CIPD and the company I was in paid half and I paid the remainder myself as it wasnt a requirement for the job I did then.

    Most organisations I have been in since then will fully fund or pay towards the CIPD qualificication but wiht some level of claw back agreement should you leave.  It really all depends on if the role requires CIPD accreditation.


  • Hi

    My organisation pays for the annual membership, but following an HMRC audit a few years ago, I now pay the NICS on it and it is added on to the P11D at the end of the tax year.  My employer offered to increase my salary to cover it, but it is only a few pounds and I still appreciate that they pay the lion share!


  • nope not me, paid for it all myself and took holidays when I needed time off boooooo, that was in 2007 though.
  • Emma

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    23 Jun, 2015 17:38

    My company paid for my qualifications up to PG Dip level. I funded the extra year to to the MSc and I pay for my membership

  • Same as Nicola, paid for all of my CIPD course fees, took unpaid leave to attend lectures but did get paid study leave, and never ever had any employer pay my membership fees.  So - another booooo!  :-D
  • Me too...funded my level 3 and 5...booo to all you lucky people :-)
  • Fallon

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    24 Jun, 2015 08:58


    Today is my last day of college for my CIPD Level 3 HR Practitioner cert!

    Although I work as a L&D Administrator, this qual isn't necessarily needed by my company, but as I work part-time (I'm a new Mum) I saw opportunity to have time to study, so informed my boss I'd put myself on the CIPD course, and pay the fees.

    He then came back to me and said the company will pay for it!

    They have also paid my two membership fees and will continue to do so each year I have to pay it.

    Needless to say, i love the company I work for!

     Thanks, Fallon.

  • My company paid in full for my Level 3 CIPD certificate, and are paying half of the fees for my MSc at the moment.  I pay my own membership fees. 


  • Hey Fallon!  Any HR vacancies up for grabs??!?  :-D
  • Robey

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    24 Jun, 2015 10:40

    My organization doesn't pay professional fees and has next to no budget for training and development.

    Naturally, I consider changing this situation to be a priority, but as a relatively small charity it means developing a really coherent strategy that can demonstrate sufficient impact and value that the Board considers the expenditure worthwhile.

    For now, I'll be paying my own way on 1 July. 

  • Hello,

    My employer has paid for my development, apart for the last two years which I repaid under claw back. I have also had my membership refunded as it's seen as an active part of my role.


  • My company paid for my level 3 qualification, my £50 parking permit for the uni car park and my first year of CIPD membership because it was a requirement of the course.

    At the moment there is no word that they will continue to pay my membership so i have just paid the renewal myself for now.

  • Lisa

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    24 Jun, 2015 12:41

    None of my employers have paid by membership fees, I pay them myself. Mostly I think this is because they have been quite large organisations with a high proportion of professionally qualified staff and doing it for some staff would mean doing it for all and the costs would be huge across the whole organisation.

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