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10 Aug, 2017 14:36

Hi all,

A bit of an unusual one! I've been at (HR) Administrator level for 3 years now, and have an extra two years experience as an administrator/resourcer for a recruitment agency previous to that. I'm now officially qualified at level 3 (yay!) and am keen to look at ways to develop myself to the next step. I'm not looking for more money per say, but more responsibility and opportunity to progress into a more senior position. I should note I'm planning on starting L5 in September too.

I have mentioned this to my manager and suggested I perhaps looked at some job descriptions for Coordinator or Officer level so we could put a plan together, but thought I'd reach out to the community and ask for your thoughts? My current job duties involve (but are not limited to):

- General HR administration for the department (new starters/leavers, contracts etc. etc.)
- Minutes for investigation meetings and helping coordinate disciplinaries
- I launched our first ever staff survey and created a report/action plan to help improve staff engagement
- Assisting in the recruitment process
- Liaising with managers and all levels of staff in regards to general HR queries

What would you expect as the next step in natural progression within this type of role and how would you execute it?

Hope this makes sense!

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Joni, while you wait for some replies from the community you may like to have a look at the Career Hub on this website for some guidance,
    link is: www.cipd.co.uk/.../cipd-hub :-)
  • Hi Joni,

    I have been a HR Administrator for 4 years and am currently studying my L5 (due to finish in November) . In order to validate my career progression I put together a personal development plan, highlighting areas that I wanted to have full control, areas where I would need mentoring and areas that I want to move in to in the future.

    To do it, I did as you have done and looked at job descriptions for the roles I wanted to move in to, broke them down in to key areas (use the CPD map on this site for help: www.cipd.co.uk/.../map) and then developed a career progression plan. Simple steps, such as asking your manager if you can sit in on disciplinaries, not just helping with the coordination of the hearing, with the aim of taking over some of the first stage hearings. Then getting your manager to explain the reasons behind the decisions (i.e. the laws, policies etc) so you have a broader understanding of the process. Eventually you will be able to head the meetings yourself.

    Areas such as training and development are also key for HR, so ask your manager about skills gaps within the company and if there is anything that you can do to assist in creating training plans.

    I'd recommend that you sit down with your manager properly and discuss succession planning, shadow programs and get yourself properly involved in understanding the decision making process.
  • Joni

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    15 Aug, 2017 16:00

    In reply to Nicola:

    Hi Nicola,

    Thanks very much for this! Think I need to sit down and have a good think about what key areas need developing like you said.
  • Steve Bridger

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    15 Aug, 2017 21:01

    In reply to Nicola:

    Nicola - welcome... and terrific first post :)
  • Hi Joni, I was in a very similar situation to you. I worked as an HR Administrator for 2.5 years and was completing the level 3. To help me progress I started to shadow the Asst HR Advisors in the team at sickness and performance meetings to see how those processes work in practice. I also started to take on extra tasks such as sickness absence chasing for my own development.

    A job came up for an Asst HR Advisor at another organisation, and because I had good experience as an Administrator, plus the experience of shadowing colleagues and the level 3, i was fortunate enough to be offered the job. From there I found it much easier to progress further within HR as that role is a very good in between step to get into an HR Advisor type role (which I am doing now).

    Hope this helps a little and good luck!
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