Student Placements and Graduate Recruitment

We are looking at introducing student placements and/or graduate programmes. Has anyone had any recent experience of recruiting graduates or student placements that they are willing to share?
  • Lesley

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    1 Jul, 2014 13:18

    Hi Caroline,

    I have a lot of experience in this area and would be happy to share my thoughts with you, but it would be good to know more about your organisation and what you are hoping to achieve by introducing graduates or interns first so I can give you more relevant advice.

    What industry are you in? How many people do you employ currently? Where are you currently recruiting from? How many students do you think you would like to recruit? What do you hope to offer them?

    Many thanks,


  • Hi Lesley

    We are an education organisation (about 1000 employees) and have various departmens from marketing, finance, operations, procurement, HR and L&D. We are looking at administrative roles in the various departments and how we can attract graduates and/or student placements.   





  • David

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    4 Jul, 2014 18:10

    Hi Caroline

    Would without reservation recommend



    - they've done it all before, for donkeys years !!

  • Thank you David.
  • Lesley

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    10 Jul, 2014 13:42

    Hi Caroline,

    Sorry for the slow follow up - been out of the office for a few days.

    I think if you have specific admin roles in mind, I would consider getting the vacancies listed on local university career services websites if you do not already.

    One advantage of these sites over the more general milk-round sites is it is often somewhere that graduates who are keen to stay local and not interested in the big name grad schemes will look first for potential jobs. They are usually free and just require a bit of your time to submit the relevant vacancy details. Careers Services are a great resource for employers, so anything you can do to engage with them is worth investigating.

    Some universities have some great schemes you can get involved with like the University of Salford's "Unite with Business" scheme, which creates partnerships with local employers and the university. Business studies master's students are able to do placements instead of a dissertation, selecting from a range of projects supplied by Unite with Business employers. 

    A wider consideration may be what you intend to offer the graduates in terms of development opportunities and progression.

    Is it simply an admin role you would expect them to occupy for some time?

    Is there an opportunity to start in that role and progress within a specific function, perhaps doing further training or working towards professional qualifications (CIM/CIMA/CIPD etc)?

    Or would you consider offering rotational placements in different sectors within your business so they can get exposure to different areas and an overall view of your business and then at the end of the fixed period of time they could apply to internal vacancies within their preferred area? 


  • Thank you Lesley that is really useful. Yes we are considering rotational placements in different sectors.



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