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I've just started with a company and have been asked to look at training agreements for 12 month university placements. The idea is that if we are impressed with them during their time with us and we decide we would like them to come back after they have graduated, we can offer to contribute financially to their final year. If they then decide not to continue their employment with us after graduating the we would want to have the contribution returned. Has anyone set up any training agreements/contracts like this?

Thanks, Bex 

  • David

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    10 Jun, 2015 15:46

    Hi Rebecca


    a belated welcome to Communities and I'm sorry your query attracted no response

     I don't think what you're proposing is usual . You're not employing these undergraduates if you're merely providing an industrial placement supervised by the uni and an integral component of their course. By all means sponsor promising ones thereafter via a contribution towards their course and living expenses, but in my experience it's not usual to seek to claw this money back if they don't come and work for you upon graduation. Look at it from their point of view, and it rather smacks of blackmail doesn't it? If your employer offers such a wonderful opportunity for graduates, then why do they need to trammel them in this way? I'd advocate dropping the clawback idea and replacing it with some mutual trust and respect

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