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I am at the beginning of my HR career. Following my educational background (BA in Personnel Consultancy) one year ago I completed CIPD qualification ( Assoc CIPD). Additionally, I am a mother with gap in my career so I struggle to get into HR filed with no experience in HR (just 10 years work in admin and PA positions which I held long time ago).Finally, 6 months ago I found a job in a small accountancy office (with 7 employees on the board). Although the owner offered me only admin duties with some bookkeeping  she asked me if I can do HR in her company and she was very positive that I'm a CIPD member, participating in CIPD events. I created for her company new staff handbook (she asked to put my name as an HR officer for staff to contact), I informed staff about HR news and interesting tips, I updated her about legislative changes and so on.  I offered my help with creating job description, employment contracts,induction process. I've done bookkeeping (which I had to learn) and HR. The most important thing in this story is that I do never received  my job description and....no signed contract. When I asked about this docs, she sent me an offer letter with position of administration assistant..I feel cheated because this is not exactly what I do and it's very low position according to my CIPD qualification (and even my previous experience). I requested for changing to HR officer/ Administrator but she refused explaining that it isn't what I am doing in her company and it is illegal (?!)..I tried to explain her that to show that you have a professional HR on a board can be good for the firm image and the same time is very important for me to have a job title which is related with HR because of my professional further and exposition to social media, CV and so on but still she didn't want to change it. Finally I did not sign contract with her...I feel that she used me..I am upset because I worked 6 months for this company and I can't prove it..I know that it was my mistake that I didn't ask from the beginning for job description and employment agreement..but I was desperate to do an HR job and gain some experience...  

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    20 Apr, 2017 19:02

    I am not sure that the owner has been dishonest. She employed you for admin duties but was happy to use you for some additional HR tasks. Whilst she could call you a HR office or even HR Director if she wanted I am not sure either is totally what you are doing.

    And additionally calling you that only really makes you more employable externally sobhas little benefit for current employer.

    At this level the main thing is what you are doing rather than the job title and I would focus your cv and social media presence around that. I would also not feel bitter but feel incredibly grateful that you now have some practical experience to add to your academic qualification.
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    Thank you Keith for your response
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