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Hi, I have recently completed my CIPD level 3 Diploma. I am currently a Line Manager within a large retail company and have been with them for 20 years. Since being a Line Manager I have gained no end of HR experience and completed many courses within the company that are HR related. I love everything to do with people, L&D and policies and procedures and feel I have a good level of experience and knowledge. However now I've completed my CIPD course, I have applied for no end of vacancies, I feel so frustrated as I am not getting any response from any of my applications. Where am I going so wrong? I have so much to give and so eager to learn more, but starting to feel so down as I'm not getting anything. If anyone is able to help me with my CV or what I can do to move into a HR role I would be so so grateful.

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    21 Nov, 2016 12:10

    Hi Emma,

    I was in retail management until I self funded my level 3 and needed to find my first HR role - my retail employer didn't have a role for me either!

    I tailored my CV to read "HR Support" which was true as I was supporting the function while I was still a manager. Instead of just applying for roles and being a faceless CV in an inbox, I would also actively call recruiters and build a relationship before sending over my application so they at least knew my name.

    It took me 18 months to get my first HR role and I think it's purely down to HR Managers and recruiters believing that they have to have someone from inside the industry, forgetting that transferable skills can benefit the profession. I have recruited several people for my team and have given people like us the opportunity to do what they have worked so hard to break into.

    I wish you the best of luck and have sent you a LI request if you wish to ask for any help.

    Thanks, Gemma
  • Hi Emma,
    I too am a former large store format manager with 20 years under the belt and I have transferred into HR studies for the same reason. Studying the level 7 diploma I decided to step down from my role but stay with the company on a part time basis in a lesser role. The business has allowed me to shadow the HR function when the time comes, I guess at this stage it is all about sacrifice, so I have taken a long term view with regards HR placement. I have faith that the time will come and in the meantime attend as many workshops and networking functions as I can, as I have learnt that this industry is very much based on who you know and the leads they can give you, very different from retail management which as you know is an industry that loves experienced candidates. I think, just keep networking and take up some shadow positions, the other option is to get back into retail management with a long term HR plan and move from within, this is certainly my second option. Good luck and know that you are not alone.

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