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Hi All,

I am in the early stages of my studies and looking for ways to increase my knowledge, I'm trying to utilise my time as efficiently as possible and so I am thinking of using podcasts and audiobooks to learn as I drive and while on the treadmill, I am especially interested in audiobooks about HR and I am seeking recommendations for any good audiobooks or websites I can find some, I am from Ireland so anything related to HR/business in Ireland would be particularly helpful.

Thanks in advance.



  • David

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    1 Jan, 2016 08:57

    KHi Eddy

    In connection with another interest, I have a multimedia iPad App comprising readings; videos interviews etc about the topic which is very useful indeed, but which must have taken a great lot of time effort and money to compile.

    But afraid I don't know of anything specific re your studies, although don't forget that any PDF computer file can be made to 'talk' very easily indeed ( but the 'talk' although mostly intelligible is very primitive). And that there may well be some material in existence that's been compiled for those with sight problems - it may be worth asking eg CIPD Information Services or eg charities etc that assist blind etc people if they know of anything

  • Hi Eddy, it would also be worth checking the CIPD branch page for Ireland as there are some good resources which should get you off the starting blocks.
    Link is: www.cipd.co.uk/.../default.aspx. Good luck!
  • In reply to David:

    Hi David,

    I tried replying the other day but I seem to be having difficulties with the forum, so here I am trying again! I cant even remember what I wrote but it was something along these lines, thank you for the advice, I will investigate the talking pdf's whenever I get a chance, since posting the question I discovered a place on iTunes called "iTunes u" seems to be full of courses and learning material and I seen the likes of Yale and Harvard so it cant be too bad eh, I also discovered some audio books and I purchased one to get me started, I also mentioned that I wouldn't be comfortable contacting a charity for the blind as I think there time is best kept for helping those less fortunate than myself but I did commend you for your innovative ways of accessing education.

  • In reply to Clare Marie:

    Hi Clare,

    Thank you for the advice, I already use the Ireland page on CIPD and I have to agree it is full of resources, invaluable to a newbie like myself, very well laid out and easy to navigate too.

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