HR Officer vs HR Coordinator

Hello, can I ask you to explain to me the difference between a HR Officer and a HR Coordinator? I got used to the CIPD bands i.e. generalist/technician, adviser, consultant and business partner. Am I right to assume that the two are a combination of generalist and adviser? I’ve noticed that these titles seem to relate largely to the third sector. Thank you

  • David

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    3 Jan, 2018 02:32

    Hi Agnes

    I don’t think there is any meaningful difference between these two job titles.

    All they convey to me is that they’re probably middle management level roles specialising in HR: the particular responsibilities and duties will I’m sure vary immensely between particular organisations. ‘Co ordinator’ is a somewhat ambiguous term I think but to me implies someonetasked with pointing the way, so almost the same as ‘adviser’. Although maybe co ordinator too implies that they’re generalists, but not necessarily.

    The 20th century poet TS Eliot might have been describing HR job titles when he wrote ‘filled with fancies and empty of meaning’ - but of course wasn’t really ;-)

  • I believe that HR Coordinator is a level up from HR Assistant. After that comes HR Officer which I believe is equal to HR Advisor. Different companies choose different titles. I hope this helps.
  • Keith

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    4 Jan, 2018 09:45

    My 2p worth is that a HR Co-Ordinator could be either a HR Administrator or a HR Adviser. Unlikely to be much above that. Coordination to me suggests more passive administration work so if anything it is a posh way of describing a lower role.

    HR Manager is a rather unused term now. Most HR Managers called themselves BPs even if their roles haven't changed much. So for me a HRM is like a junior HRBP doing some but not all of the role.
  • Thank you all for your replies. It's much clearer now.
  • In reply to Keith:

    I think it also depends on the business, I'm a HR Manager but in a small start up and so makes sense to me to be titled Manager rather than BP. I think it would be beyond most colleagues what a BP means in my company haha!
  • Keith

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    5 Jan, 2018 07:57

    In reply to Lauren Plummer:

    Its beyond most people in big businesses what a HR BP is but that hasn't stopped people using it.
  • Lilly

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    Hi Agnes , In my experience a hr coordinator is the level below a hr administrator. The coordinator literally co-ordinates mostly interviews and sometimes training and other ad hoc requests. It's generally used in companies that tend to have high recruitment needs and frees up time for the recruiter/manager. Also they generally do not need to be qualified or have a background in HR. After coordinator the next step is administrator followed by generalist and then officer/adviser.
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