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24 Jan, 2013 23:53


can anyone help point me in the right direction. I think I have so many options that seem obvious to consider for my subject I know lost all track.

I  work in healthcare  sector and I know this is such a big thing now, many options at my finger tips.

the obvious ones are attracting and retaining healthcare professionals at a time when budgets in healthcare are under the spotlight.

Sickness absence is another big issue as this has not only a cost issue but service standards issue.

stress in the workplace is another, due to the nature of work it can cause a lot of strain on eemployees

any suggestions  or pointers are truly appreciated its been a while since I  was studying.




  • Liz

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    25 Jan, 2013 08:59


    One area that could touch on all of your suggestions is employee engagement. Engagement is a big topic on it's own, but undertaking a study on engagement and what impact that has on retention, sickness absence, stress and so on might be interesting and tie all of your topic ideas. You would probably need to concentrate your investigation on one area of your business, say if you were a care home, investigate understanding the engagement of specialist nurses/carers who work with dementia patients.


  • Keith

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    25 Jan, 2013 09:04


    Three main suggestions to help the narrowing down process

    1) Choose something very contained and defined.The wider the subject the more chance of getting lost, more you will have to read and more dead ends you will go down. 2) Choose something you are very interested in. Which bits of HR are you most keen on and really appeal to you? Which bits on your course have you found the concepts easiest to get your head round - these are probably best places to start

    3) Choose something that your boss will see the value of and that they will therefore give you some flexibility around. What is on your/his/departments objectives for this year?

    So if say stress then look at stress of one particular group or one cause ie stress while introducing a new working pattern in the Occupational Health Department and stratgies to reduce it department

    Or if Identifying flexible working opportunities to recruit and retain  Oncology nurses in a shrinking labour market using etc

    Best of luck


  • Judy Williams

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    25 Jan, 2013 09:06

    As regards the healthcare sector, perhaps how good HR practice can influence/improve care standards.  Not just sickness absence but other good stuff from industry like customer service. 
  • Jayne

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    25 Jan, 2013 21:04

    Thank you all for the super quick responses all points have been very very helpful.

    i have a passion to help those that are helping others. I think I will look at the well being aspect of care staff and how this effects the care being provided. We are reviewing and updating all policies this year and well being is one we are missing so my operations manager is keen to see what could develop from this.

    Any suggestions on any good research tools or reads that's great. This is my first element of my two year course I'm sure I will be okay once I get into it again and start my research.

     Thank you again

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